23.  The B list : Herbs and Spices that Heal - BARLEY



 A delicious Ancient grain

Slightly nutty in taste
Chewy texture
Used in stews and soups
Salads and casseroles too!


Join Gulzaar Foods in a house of full flavor and journey into the world of Barley!

Appearance and Description


A green plant grows in a tall like grass. When spring ends, a barley head with tiny white flowers and long whiskers form. By the end of spring, it turns golden brown.



Helps with medical conditions like arthritis, hypertension, impotence, anemia, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney problems, and constipation.

Complete protein requirements. Used in soups, drinks, salads and most common in breakfast cereals.



Barley, a grain that does not get the attention it should. A chewy and nutty flavor, it is one delicious whole grain and has many uses. It is healthy and nutritious.


BARLEY Health Benefits

  • Fiber and mineral loaded. Selenium, Phosphorus, and Manganese.
  • Amino acids representing protein requirement diets.
  • Regulates blood sugar.
  • Excellent source of fiber.
  • Barley is used for boosting immunity, skincare, and it prevents disorders like gallstones and osteoporosis.
  • Maintains a healthy colon reducing possibilities of colon cancer or hemorrhoids.

1. Gallstones protection

Prevents the development of gallstones. Rich in insoluble fiber, reduces acid secretion increasing sensitivity to insulin.

2. Prevents Osteoporosis

Copper and phosphoric acid in barley guarantee healthy bones. The juice in barley has eleven more times calcium than milk. Manganese and vitamin B complex keeps overall bone health intact.

3. Immune System Boost

The immune system strengthens reducing chances of colds and flu. Iron prevents fatigue and anemia, aids in kidney function and body cell development.

4. Skin Protection

A good selenium source, it preserves the elasticity of skin protecting from loosening and free radical damage.

5. Controls Cholesterol

Insoluble fiber found in Barley lowers cholesterol levels. 

6. Manages Diabetes

Helps to control type two diabetes. 

7. Prevents Cancer

Barley contains plant lignans that prevent hormonal cancers and maintains heart health.

Barley Nutrition products

  • Barley Grass
  • Hulled Barley
  • Pearl Barley
  • Barley Green Powder 
  • Barley Flour
  • Barley Water 




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