21. The B List : Herbs and spices that Heal - BORAGE
 (Borago officinalis)
The Star Flower
Rich in Tradition
Rich in History
Culinary and medicinal wonder


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Appearance and description

The star flowered plant grows up to 91cm high with beautiful leaves, flowers, and fertile soils.


Slight cooling and refreshing cucumber taste. 


  1. Borage is used as a flavoring. The leaves are eaten raw. Stems are sauteed or steamed the way spinach is made. 
  2. The stems may be used as celery.
  3. Borage flowers are star-shaped and great tossed into a salad or used as a garnish.
  4. Stems and leaves enhance fish, poultry, vegetables, and cheese. They are great for pickles and salads
  5. Flowers are candied and used for decoration. The flavor blends with mint, dill, and garlic.
  6. Leaves are fuzzy and they are used for flavoring dishes and removed prior to serving


BORAGE Health Benefits

  • A rich source of B vitamins
  • Omega 6
  • Fiber
  • Choline
  • Trace minerals
  • Stimulates breast milk 
  • Relieve stress as an adrenal gland tonic



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