11. The B list: Herbs and Spices that Heal- BAY LEAF


Once upon the time

 Ancient Greek and Romans used  Bay leaves for Creating Crowns.

 Crowns of Success

for Warriors, Kings, Heroes, and Poets too!

 The Fragrance and Flavor

invited coming generations

 to Savor the Flavor, Feel, and Taste

of  miraculous Bay Leaf wonders


Join the Gulzaar foods Laurus Nobilis tree leaf journey and discover the benefits of Bay Leaves


 Appearance and Description

Photo by Stephanie Studer on Unsplash



The evergreen, native Asia Minor  Bay Leaf (Laurus Nobilis tree)  can be found in warmer Mediterranean climates.
It can grow 12 m high gradually. The Bay Leaf at a mature stage is around 5cm wide, ten centimeters long.


Eaten whole, the leaves are pungent, they have a sharp and bitter taste,. As with other flavorings and spices, the  herbal fragrance is more noticeable than its taste,


Bay leaves are mainly used as a cooking ingredient.  Bay leaves are herbal plants with health and beauty benefits because of their rich nutritional elements

BAY LEAF Health Benefits

Bay leaves have been used since ancient times to treat stomach, kidney and liver problems.The leaves were used to heal bee and wasp stings too.
In the current era Bay leaves are used for a myriad of other common conditions: 
  • Colds and coughs

Place a cloth in boiled water of bay leaves relieves chest infections coughs and colds and bronchitis.

  • Aches and Pains

Bay leaf essential oils provide relief for sprains areas headaches as well as arthritis, rheumatic and swelling

  • Fever

Bay leaves  promote  sweating breaking fever and flu symptoms

  • Digestion

Bays leaves treat flatulence relieving digestive disorders

  • Diabetes

Numerous studies have concluded that Bay leaves improve insulin function and reduce the risk rates of  cardiovascular disease 





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