18. The B list: Herbs and spices that Heal- BLACK CURRANT


Ribes nigrum

The Sour Berry 'MUST TRY'

 Distant Relative of the Gooseberry

Forbidden at one stage

Farmers in the United States assumed they spread fungus killing pine trees.

The Ban on these berries made many Americans MISS out!

Blackcurrants are not well known in the world, but should be!

Join Gulzaar Foods on a journey to discover :

The Powerhouse plant
Vitamin Superstar
Herbalist wonder



    The deciduous shrubs that black currants grow up to reach 2 meters high. The glossy berries grow in tightly clustered strands

    Black currants grow on deciduous shrubs that reach heights of 2 meters on average. The small glossy berries grow in tightly clustered strands and are a deep inky blue color when fully ripe. Their soft pulpy flesh has a juicy texture and contains multiple small edible seeds. The skin of Blackcurrant berries is slightly thicker than other varieties, contributing to its strong flavor and tannic finish

    • A woody shrub
    • Grown for berries
    • Native to Central and Northern Asia
    • Bunches of glossy  small,  black fruit  developing  along  stems  during summer 


    • Black currant, a tart-berry mixed with sugar can create sauces, jams, syrups, purple candy and fruit drinks
    •  Crème de cassis liquor flavor base 



    Blackcurrant has a strong flavor that needs processing. The complex blackcurrant flavor is like concentrates blackberry, raspberry, pine, rose, passion fruit and gooseberry.



    An excellent Vitamin C source, it contains twice the amount found in oranges.

    It is versatile, nutrient-rich and also jam-packed with various health benefits. 

    • Antiviral and Antioxidant
    • Slows down the growth of cancer
    • Enhances Immunity
    • Prevents Eye Disease



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