6. The A list : Herbs and Spices that Heal - ARROWROOT
 Arrowroot was cultivated eras ago, in 5000BC.
Named by the Arawak, an indigenous Caribbean, and South America group
Arrowroot was originally known as Aru-Aru, (the meal of meals)
The Carribean islanders discovered the handy plant and its useful properties.
The name arrowroot came to Central America, linked to its wound healing properties when they became targets of poisonous arrow attacks.

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Appearance and Description


  • It grows up to 2m in height.
  • The Arrowroot is a tropical perennial.

  • A cluster with thin, long stems and cream color flowers, growing in pairs.


    Arrowroot is starch with not much flavor but is used for binding and texture.


    • Gluten-free baking, papermaking, homeopathic remedies, and cosmetics all have one thing in common. It is Arrowroot!.
    • The arrowroot is in this present era used as a food thickener. It is a gluten-free cornstarch alternative and is vegan as well as GMO-free.
    • Arrowroot is a starch that the body digests easily.
    • It is an excellent homeopathic remedy, an immune booster and treats the common medical ailments


    ARROWROOT Health Benefits

    The best features of Arrowroot? 

    • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    Most diseases in our day and age are caused by inflammation. Arrowroot is a tool to fight inflammation and diseases.

    • Aids the  Digestive System

    Arrowroot is an all-natural treatment, that is inexpensive for digestive problems like treating diarrhea.

    • Infant Safe food

    The mild-flavored starchy content is safe for infants to ingest and is common in teething cookies too, as it is allergen-free and soothes the gums.

    • Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

    UTI's or urinary tract infections need certain foods to stave off infections in the future and soothe inflammation. Arrowroot is an effective home remedy.

    It relieves pain from inflammation. Regular ingestion is great as a preventative measure for possible flare-ups that may occur.

    • Boosts the immune system

    Properties in extracts of Arrowroot have immune-boosting properties.

    • Soothes painful gums

    Applied to painful gums , Arrowroot helps to relieve pain due to the anti-inflammatory properties that it contains.



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